bp’s ambition is to become a net-zero company by 2050 or sooner, and to help the world get to net-zero. Our ambition is supported by ten aims, including:

  • Getting to net-zero on bp’s operational emissions on an absolute basis, by 2050 or sooner (scope 1&2 emissions).
  • Getting to net-zero on emissions arising from carbon in bp’s oil and gas production on an absolute basis by 2050 or sooner (scope 3 emissions).
  • Cutting the carbon intensity of the products bp sells by 50% by 2050 or sooner (scope 3 emissions).

To deliver this ambition, our strategy aims by 2030 to have increased developed renewable energy generating capacity 20-fold to 50GW, to increase low carbon investment to $5 billion a year and to reduce oil and gas production by 40%.

Find out more about bp’s strategy here.

Welcoming the Next Generation EU

Lighthouse initiative

Lightsource bp – a 50:50 joint venture between Lightsource and bp – is a global leader in the development and management of solar energy projects.

Since the partnership began at the start of 2018, Lightsource bp has more than doubled its global presence, from five to 14 countries and now has activities in eight countries across Europe. Its development pipeline has also grown ten-fold from 1.6GW to 16GW.