An emission-free fleet of vehicles: With this vision, we are committed to climate protection and air pollution control. Our ambition is to make our fleet of new cars CO₂-neutral by 2039 and we will cover all stages of the automotive value chain – from technical development to the extraction of raw materials, to production, service life and recycling. Our milestones until 2039:

  • 2022: Several electrified variants in all segments of Mercedes-Benz Cars.
  • 2025: Up to 25 % of unit sales to be accounted for by all-electric vehicles.
  • 2030: Achieving more than 50 % of car unit sales with plug-in hybrids or all-electric vehicles.
  • 2039: A CO₂-neutral fleet of new cars.

Mercedes recently joined “The Climate Pledge”, an initiative with the goal to contribute to the achieving the Paris Agreement target.

Lighthouse initiative

Daimler Trucks strategy for electrification includes vehicles for urban distribution to international long-haul transport, thus reaffirming its commitment to the goals of the Paris Climate targets. The GenH2 truck marks the beginning of the fuel-cell hereby demonstrating which specific technologies Daimler Trucks is driving forward at full speed so that heavy-duty fuel-cell trucks can perform flexible and demanding long-distance haulage operations with ranges of up to 1,000 km and more on a single tank of hydrogen.

Daimler Trucks plans series production in 2023. For regular journey’s Daimler Trucks will be using a purely battery-powered trucks, the Mercedes-Benz eActros and eActros long-haul. The combination of hydrogen and battery power enables us to offer our customers the best vehicle options, depending on the application and at the same time consistently pursuing our vision of CO2-neutral transport.