E.ON set itself a clear target of making its own operations carbon neutral by 2040 and for the products and services we deliver by 2050.

We have unequivocally supported the climate-neutrality target by 2050 set by the Green Deal and called for an increased ambition to 55% greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2030 to put Europe on track. And we called for a green economic recovery early on. To that end, E.ON signed several initiatives (e.g. CLG-led initiative, Green recovery Alliance) urging European institutions and national governments to agree mainstreaming climate objectives in the recovery and put our economy on a clear and resilient pathway.

Lighthouse initiative

SmartQuart drives the local energy transition and aims to almost entirely switch from fossil fuels in three districts in different cities, by intelligently connecting energy systems within and between the participating neighbourhoods. This enables the differently structured communities to complement each other sustainably and economically within a systemic network and exchange energy.

SmartQuart, which was developed by a consortium of ten partners led by E.ON, will develop new products and solutions for the planning, construction and operation of energy-optimised neighbourhoods. Citizens are actively involved in the implementation from the very beginning. The programme will test future-proof energy technologies under real conditions and on an industrial scale following the vision of zero carbon and 100% renewables. The investment amounts to a total of more than €60 million.