Dolf van den Brink


I believe we are currently at a moment where the tide is turning. After decades of unchecked rises in emissions, the world is waking up. HEINEKEN, and others, are making bold, ambitious pledges towards zero carbon. Our commitments are woven into the fabric of our balanced growth strategy, EverGreen. The journey to net-zero is going to be challenging. It will require coordinated action. As HEINEKEN, we’re determined to live up to our promises and realise our ambitions.


As an important part of the company’s EverGreen balanced growth strategy, HEINEKEN is raising the bar, making clear and bold commitments that address major environmental, societal and responsible consumption challenges.

HEINEKEN’s ambition to reach net-zero in scope 1 and 2 by 2030 has been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, being compliant with the 1.5°C pathway.
It is also the first global brewer to set the target to operate net-zero by 2040 – with an interim target of 30% absolute reduction by 2030.

Its third goal within this ambition area is 100% sustainable barley and hops by 2030. Sustainable sourcing is a key lever for achieving our carbon reduction targets and it will help improve other environmental and social conditions – from water use to labour practices.

The company is a member of the “We Mean Business Coalition”, “The Race to Zero”, “The Climate Pledge” and “RE100,” mobilising peer industries, suppliers and customers to tackle climate change.

HEINEKEN’s detailed plan on the path to net-zero is available here.

Lighthouse initiative

HEINEKEN’s actions towards net-zero span across the entire value chain, led by the 4 R’s: ‘reduce, replace, remove and report’. Through these actions, the company focuses on driving a renewable energy step change in its production sites: Increasing its renewable electricity consumption to more than 50% and piloting new technologies in renewable thermal energy. HEINEKEN is also part of a consortium with Philips, Signify and Nouryon, building a wind farm in Finland that will inject renewable electricity in the European grid supplying 13 of its operating companies.

HEINEKEN is partnering with logistics, cooling and packaging suppliers on net-zero innovations, like the compostable cardboard beer pack topping in the UK, and pioneering sustainable events with the zero waste, Heineken® Bar. In Mexico, the company is using smart fridges that leverage software to automatically adjust cooling settings to minimize energy use. HEINEKEN Netherlands is piloting delivery trucks for its beer and cider fuelled by renewable electricity .

The company is expanding its low carbon farming programme from 8 to 15 countries by 2022, aiming for 200 pilot farms by 2025, testing the effectiveness of using less fertiliser and using regenerative or conservation agriculture techniques that enrich soil health and increases its ability to capture carbon.

HEINEKEN reports on its progress on a yearly basis with CDP.

The HEINEKEN Company 2030 Brew a Better World Ambitions

We recognise that the world is facing serious challenges: climate change, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity and diminishing natural resources. We are determined to meet these challenges and to raise the bar on our ambitions.