At Lenzing, we look beyond fibres and take responsibility for our children and grandchildren by standing up against the troubles of our time. This attitude is part of our strategic principles. Hence our ambitious climate target represents an important component of our strategy and our responsibility to future generations.

Lenzing was the world’s first producer of wood-based cellulosic fibres to make a strategic commitment to dramatically reducing its carbon footprint and cutting emissions per tonne of product by 50% by 2030 as well as achieving net-zero by 2050. The most highly regarded organisation for climate targets, the Science Based Targets initiative, has confirmed that the Lenzing Group’s climate target is indeed science-based. In addition, Lenzing is the only first-time discloser recognised with a prestigious double ‘A’ score for global climate and forests stewardship by CDP.

Lighthouse initiative

The Lenzing Group is constructing a production plant for lyocell fibres in Prachinburi, Thailand. This lyocell facility will be the largest one in the world. The plant, which is expected to be finished by the end of 2021, will be the Lenzing Group’s first lyocell production facility that is carbon-neutral. This expansion shows that sustainability and ambitious growth need not be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, our lyocell fibres – produced in a cutting-edge, highly eco-responsible closed-cycle process – improve the global supply of fibres and play a substantial role in shrinking our industry’s environmental footprint.

The lyocell production plant in Thailand will use predominantly bioenergy, which is derived from the paper and pulp production as well as from a biomass plant located in the industrial park next to the lyocell plant.