After succeeding to create a broad long-term decarbonization roadmap in only 2 years; Sabancı Group have set a target to achieve Net-Zero Emissions and Zero Waste by 2050 at the latest. Besides the long-term net-zero commitment, Sabancı Group has also announced its interim reduction target to decrease Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 15% in 2025 and 42% in 2030 compared to the 2021 base year, without using carbon offsets.

On the other hand, our CapEx and OpEx will reach a total of USD 5 billion in SDG-linked activities by 2027, with climate mitigation and adaptation having a share of 70%.


Lighthouse initiative

Sabancı Group started to track SDG-related activities in 2022 and announced a financing roadmap for the transition for a sustainable economy. To contribute the transition, the Group announced total USD 5 billion investment, will be used as Capex and Opex until 2027; with climate mitigation and adaptation project will have a share of 70%.

• In line with our growth strategy in sustainable businesses, we have also made a commitment to spend USD 5 billion in SDG-linked areas (CapEX and OpEX) with climate mitigation and adaptation having the share of at least 70%. As an example to such investments, one out of every three solar and wind power plants in Türkiye in the coming 5 years will be made by Sabancı Group.

• One of Sabancı Group Companies, Enerjisa Üretim, will produce Türkiye’s first green hydrogen as part of a consortium consisting of a variety of private and public institutions including Sabancı University. The pilot project, which has been the first step of our growth ambition in the green hydrogen value chain, aims to produce hydrogen derivatives such as methanol and ammonia through environmentally friendly methods and local resources. Additionally, Türkiye’s first Sodium Boron Hydride Plant will be established as part of the project.