Dimitri Papalexopoulos

TITAN Cement Group (and Chairman of the ERT Committee on Energy Transition & Climate Change)

The transformative agenda of the European Green Deal is as demanding as it is compelling. The scale of the transition involved requires strong and sizeable collaboration between governments, society, industry and the wider business community.  For our part, we are engaged and ready to support the 55% reduction target by 2030 coupled with an enabling policy framework to ensure competitiveness and industrial transformation.


Turning aspiration into action, we are working hand in hand with the global community to help limit global warming to 1.5°C and deliver net-zero concrete by 2050, as we are shaping a more sustainable, nature-positive future for all.

Building on the progress we have made so far, we have set new ambitious science-based targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as consistent with the levels required to keep global warming to 1.5°C. With our updated targets we seek to address not only direct (Scope 1) emissions and indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity (Scope 2), but also other indirect emissions of the supply chain (Scope 3).

With over 90 decarbonisation initiatives in the pipeline across our markets and a program of product launches that offer our customers lower carbon solutions to build more sustainably, we are well on track to deliver on our goals.

Read more about our targets here:
SBTi validates TITAN’s updated GHG emissions reduction targets as consistent with the 1.5°C scenario (titan-cement.com)

Lighthouse initiative

Separation Technologies (ST), a TITAN Cement Group company and a leader in the beneficiation of fly ash, has introduced a pioneering process to recycle fly ash from landfills, which is then used to reduce the carbon footprint of cement and concrete products. Through this new technology, fly ash is reclaimed from landfills and is transformed into high-quality, green products, which can be used as sustainable raw materials in cement, concrete, and power generation. TITAN’s exclusive technology also provides a unique solution for the clean-up and remediation of numerous fly ash landfills and ponds and their surrounding communities worldwide.

ST is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary separation equipment for dry powders. Its patented technology is suited for the processing of dry powders and recycling of waste streams in an innovative, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective manner, contributing to the circular economy, both locally and globally. ST offers its unique technology and services to customers in other industries as well, such as construction, mining, food & nutrition, and animal feed, while its global coverage has expanded on six continents providing services to customers anywhere in the world.

Our journey to net-zero

Driven by our long-held commitment to improving our environmental footprint and maximising our positive impact, we are now further accelerating our efforts towards net-zero acting in bold new ways across our value chain.