Dimitri Papalexopoulos

Titan Cement Group (and Chairman of the ERT Committee on Energy Transition & Climate Change)

The transformative agenda of the European Green Deal is as demanding as it is compelling. The scale of the transition involved requires strong and sizeable collaboration between governments, society, industry and the wider business community.  For our part, we are engaged and ready to support the 55% reduction target by 2030 coupled with an enabling policy framework to ensure competitiveness and industrial transformation.


We have adopted a climate change mitigation strategy, which is reflected in our environmental policy and drives our Group CO₂ Initiative, targeting to achieve 35% reduction, by 2030 below 1990 level.

We continuously build on our CO₂ Initiative, which includes actions per plant, taking both conventional and innovative actions to mitigate CO₂ emissions. We are committed to contribute to the Paris Agreement (COP21) objective to keep the global temperature increase below 2oC and we are supportive of the European Commission’s Green Deal vision of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Lighthouse initiative

Titan Cement is the owner of the company “ST Equipment & Technology” (STET), which is the global leader in industrial tribo-electrostatic separation. STET’s separation technology is efficient and cost effective at recycling fly ash from coal combustion, thereby reducing landfill deposits, while beneficiated fly-ash can be used by cement and concrete producers to reduce their carbon footprint, contributing at the same time to the new model of circular economy.

STET offers its unique technology and services to customers in other industries as well, such as construction, mining, food & nutrition, and animal feed. In addition, The strong technical capability of STET is centred on the multidisciplinary concept of a contemporary research centre and a team of scientists, design engineers and technical research staff committed to working with knowledgeable commercial partners. STET’s global coverage has expanded on six continents providing services to customers anywhere in the world.